Thursday, August 24, 2006

_minggu penat..

_penat wei minggu ni.. bukan minggu ni aje.. dua minggu berturut2..

_minggu first : LANParty 2006.. penat wei.. jadik technical.. macam aku sorg je yg tukang jaga pc.. penat giloss... ke hulu ke hilir tgk pc ada problem.. asalnya tak terlibat tapi tgk cam diorg takleh nak wat je, terpaksa laa aku bertindak secara profesional (bukan belagak wei..) dgn menolong diorg.. huhu.. tshirt tak dpt sebab aku tak bayor.. huahuahua..

_minggu 2nd : kelas takde.. tapi hujung minggu tu ada program bengkel format pc 2006, anjuran group keusahawanan it aku.. mintak2 laa aku tak penat sgt..

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

_start jaga lab

_skang ni aku dah start jaga lab.. dicampurkan dengan kelas sebyk 21 jam kredit, memang busy giler ahh.. aku dapat jaga lebey kurang 14 jam seminggu.. huahuahua...

_aku akan berniaga kongsi ngan fakhrul ex-MPP.. otak dia memang geliga.. idea aku asalnya.. huhu.. business apa? mana bleh bagitau.. rahsia.. karang kalau aku dah betul2 untung atau konfem baru update kat sini.. huahuahua..

_and still aku masih pening sebab banyak lagi benda tak setel.. utang aku ngan member2 nasib baik dah cut half.. aku dah bayor pakai duit gaji aku sket ari tuh.. ni kalau bisnes aku tu jadik aku akan bayar korang...

_website along yang besh dah siap.. memang besh arr website dia.. dia repair2 sket2 dari coding beta ( ada resemblance tak? aku pon tak wat camtu lagik.. tapi bila aku dah ada server sendirik arr baru aku leh wat.. tu pon maybe aku start from scratch.. tanak ahh amik org punye..

_citer pasal beta, apa citerlaa mamat tu skang ekk.. dah keje ke blom.. aku dgr2 dia ada kat kl dok umah akak dia.. keje la kot.. harap2 okey dia tu.. aku still risau takut dia tak maafkan aku.. pening kepala aku.. aku tanak ilang member oii...

_apalagi ekk? bobo dah start keje.. kat company it kat BP.. menarik.. dia kate ada banyak lagi tempat kosong keje kat situ.. lagi2 programmer.. aku ada gak suruh dia rekemenkan aku kat tempat tu.. tapi kalau kena programming yang cam C++ ke, tanak aku.. aku sanggup amik website ngan java jek.. flash tu pon terkial2 lagik.. banyak benda lagi nak kena belajo rupenye.. huahuahua..

_skang ni aku agak rilek sebab aku rasa aku bleh achieve apa yang aku nak dalam masa aku kat sem 7 nih.. dapat abiskan sem ni jugak.. alhamdulillah.. kalau tak dapat nak wat camana.. huhuhu..

_okey ahh.. sakit jari and lenguh tulang dah taip bebyk.. tapi tetibe je aku taip dalam BM.. agak2 ada org nak baca ke? huhuhu..


Thursday, April 13, 2006

_exam week..

_it is the exam week.. hurrah!! don't have to think about going to class anymore...

_for all my friends who had read the previous post, i'm terribly sorry if the words i typed touched you guys' heart and made you guys pissed off with me.. i was actually still bengang at that time.. thousand apologies from me from tip of my hair and till the root of my feet.. i'm really sorry..

_anyway, i hope this blog doesn't affect anybody coz this blog is about what do i feel and why i felt that.. anyway, thanks for those who read it.. 0-0 yeah guys?

_next up, sains pemikiran & etika and honestly i don't have any clue about the subject.. i did not even read one single chapter.. yet... anyway, wish me luck for my exam tomorrow and i wish you guys full of luck too! especially to overlord who actually i don't know whether he do have exams or not.. huhu..

_present mmdb today.. and it's sucks.. big time.. and it did even have any connection with automatic recording system.. it cannot record and it is definitely non automatic.. his face kinda turn like that he did not like our presentation.. anyway, it's already in the past..

_without further ado... goodbye... huahuahua..

Friday, April 07, 2006

_gone to KL

_it was a quite tiring 3 days for me and apek.. it was actually kinda not nice experience..

_first day : we're on our way to KL with Durian Burung Double Decker bus.. Nice, but got water dripping from the air cond holes of the bus at the back of our head.. Not really comfortable for us to sleep..

_arrive at KL at merely 6.30 am.. called upon mr crynobone, but no answer.. got onto an lrt, gone directly to wangsa maju, his place, and still no answer when we called.. dunno why he di not want to answer..

_arrive at wangsa maju at 7.30 am.. called him because we did not know the way to his place.. until i made some stupid mistake by trying to walk from the lrt station as i know that the place was hell far..

_got lost and gone back to the lrt station.. thought first that the apartments he stayed but it is actually the wrong residential area..

_called him again but lastly got an idea.. although my handset is out of battery, i pratically got lalat's phone number.. and i dialled the number from the public nearby.. ask him how to get there.. he said section 10 and we went there.. at last we got to the apartments and it was 9.30 am.. he's gone to work.. and apek is really pissed off.. i dunno but why just cryno's answer our call and we can be at his place before 8.30 am.. and he STILL can go to work..

_and then apek thought that it is better to go and see his girlfriend rather than waiting for crynobone to show up like maybe 7.00 pm..

_and we ended up at berjaya times square after some window shopping in lowyat.. we went to see a movie : ice age 2 and gone eating kfc later on at kl sentral..

_and apek again leave her girl.. aiyo.. why leave her alone buddy? if something happens? my advice, don't leave your awek alone.. cause sometimes it's dangerous..

_anyway, we again did not think of going back to crynobone's place because i think that the guy thinks that we are such pain in th ass.. that is i'm sure it is the reverse image..

_we ended up at apek's friend's house.. and i kinda tired for like 12 hours of walking.. and i slept like a baby until the next day..

_lastly i made a decision that i have to go back as my cheque expired and that is really pissed me off.. why don't someone just bank in or give me cash? not hard to do to go all the way to the manager's room to get his sign and all.. just pissing me off and crynobone like don't have a clue and 'buat bodo'..

_and we went to UUM after we finally bought the SHARK apek wants and Centurion5 i want.. at least that i wanted to go back as soon as possible.. and again i have to carry his casing's box as he complaints that the box's handle is too hard to handle.. if i can carry the box without any problems, why can't him? it's his CASING for God's sake!!

_anyway, after i arrive to my bed, i thought that everything that i gone for the past 3 days in KL really give me some values that :

1. your friend is important, think them like your close relatives and don't ever think about reward..

2. must start everything with a plan..

3. don't go to KL to get a cheque from your boss without confirming first..

4. don't cheat your mom..

5. be cool while facing everything that coming to you..

6. don't leave your girl alone, especially when you are dating with her..

_anyway, i will post my casing's pics when i have done edit it..

_have fun wit your life, you guys!!

_for guys who had read this before, it's been edited for some stupidity in my head reasons..

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Your 2005 Song Is

Beverly Hills by Weezer

"My automobile is a piece of crap
My fashion sense is a little whack
And my friends are just as screwy as me"

You breezed through 2005 in your own funky style!
What Hit Song of 2005 Are You?


_another day has come.. and another classes have passed.. ironically, i drop my UCD class today! muhahahaha!! anyway, no luck in money, still..

_my gf and i went to the misc lab today, as for our astonishment, for the first time the telekom lab is full.. and this is quite irritating for me.. :huh:

_anyway, we got here and i got a blog to post..

_gone to Xiaxue today, and it is really nice to see colourful blog.. and i'm still thinking whether i wanted to reconstruct or maybe revamp my template OR wanna stick to my plan, wait till my *real* blog site showed up.. and of course have to pay first.. :D

_register at PPS today, for the second time and for the first time i realized there is a ping inside PPS.. wahlau.. and yes, i type one of them.. check it out there..

_gone to technorati again today.. and still there is no one want to link me.. i don't know how to increase traffic-lah.. can anyone teach me how?

_repaired the PetronasCollege again and this time i hope they accept it.. and of course have to put the JPPK's pics next..

_this afternoon, dunno what i want to do.. maybe wanna start editing Video project.. anyway anyhow, just wait till i did not feel bored much..

_my gf, is gonna seeing her ex for like for the first and the last time during our realtionship.. and i hope the guy got run off by a car or something.. hehe..

_wanna start something new.. wait and see.. hehehe...

_okeylah, chow..

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

_which FF character are you?

Which FF Character Are You?

Sunday, March 19, 2006


_this is another week of hell's week.. that is because this week i will be *not* sleeping at all as all my projects : UCD, Video, MMDB, Internet, Game, all of it have to be submitted next week! and not even one single project is started.. >0< OMG!!

_well, still got some time to type in some blogs.. anyway, got to Aziah's house yesterday, as her brother got married.. we kinda late when we arrived and there is not much left.. we kinda eat kinda too much until we felt totally full and bumped.. hehh..

_this is the link to Petronas Website.. feel free to comment.. thanks.. :D